Building on nearly 20 years of experience in the fields of construction inspections, geotechnical and environmental investigations including remediation, CEGP Consultants Ltd. provides consulting services with a practical approach.

Our core values 

  • To provide Clients with service that reflects our experience and expertise in the fields we specialize in.
  • We are committed to our work and our Clientele.
  • We have the experience to get the work done right.
  • We believe in a sustainable approach and growth, keeping the environment in mind.
  • We are passionate about the work we do.

Rakesh Koneru BSc, MEngSc, PEng, QPesa
Principal of CEGP Consultants Ltd.

Our geographical coverage extends across the Province of Ontario, Canada.

To embrace technological trends and minimize our carbon footprint, we provide an eco-friendly service. From Client contact to project execution to reporting and billing, there is an efficient system in place. All work is completed electronically, with no paper generated any time.

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