Environmental Site Assessments – Records of Site Condition – Excess Soils

The environment and health of living organisms are interlinked. Contamination in the soil, groundwater or air can adversely affect our ecosystem. It is the responsibility of all humans to ensure that the delicate balance of the environment is maintained.

Get it done right the first time – We give you the facts, with no sugar coating !

We are competent, experienced and insured in the services we provide. All work is completed by a licensed Professional Engineer who is also a Qualified Person (for environmental site assessments).

For each project you will get real time updates on progress, status and costs so you know first hand of completion times.

We specialize in

  • Canadian Standards Association CSA Z768 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments,
  • Canadian Standards Association CSA Z769 Phase II Environmental Site Assessments,
  • Ontario Regulation 153/04, Phase One Environmental Site Assessments,
  • Ontario Regulation 153/04, Phase Two Environmental Site Assessments, including remediation work associated with soil and/or groundwater contamination,
  • Ontario Regulation 153/04, Records of Site Condition
  • Ontario Regulation 406/19, On-Site and Excess Soil Management
  • Underground Storage Tank(s)
  • and more …

Risk Assessments can also be undertaken by industry professionals.

In the case of redevelopment projects several investigations are to be completed as part of Site Plan Approval submissions. We can arrange for geotechnical, hydrogeological investigations in conjunction with the environmental work which will enable cost and time savings for our Clients.

Property Condition Assessments

We also conduct Property Condition Assessments (also referred by some as Building Condition Assessment – though the later is more detailed) for Due Diligence,  Purchase-Sale, Baseline Study, Insurance purposes, Re-Financing, Tenant Occupancy and more.

Each Property Condition Assessment is conducted by a licensed Professional Engineer (Ontario, Canada) in accordance to ASTM E2018 − 15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process in a Canadian context.

Our experience entails various properties such as  Multi-Tenant and Multi-Storey Plazas, Retail, Show Rooms, Schools, Hotels – single storey and multi-storey, Industrial, Mixed Use, Gas Stations, Offices, Dealerships and much more.

In conjunction with the Property Condition Assessment, we also offer Thermographic Scans of the Building Envelope, including Roof, to determine areas of heat loss.

Building Code Compliance Audits can also be arranged when required. 

Education and Training

One key factor that we recognized through the years is the need for education and training to complete environmental site assessment work in an apt manner.

Having adequate knowledge AND experience (both office and field) as well as good comprehension of the applicable Standards and Regulations go hand in hand.

A knowledgeable team for the project ensures that it gets done right the first time and thus avoid unwanted costs for the Client.

Our courses are unique, detail oriented and cover basic to complex environmental scenarios. We take a practical approach on how you get educated and trained. You learn more when you are engaged in what you want to learn. You will be an active participant in all aspects of an environmental site assessment. You will gain hands on experience

We provide education and training for:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Ontario Regulation 153/04, Records of Site Condition – Phase One and Two Environmental Site Assessments.

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